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Festival Time - The Best Time of Networking & Relationship

Happy Diwali !!!!

The Festival time in India like the best time to network and relationship, Diwali is the biggest festival in India where 5 days before and after is festival time. Actually, Diwali is a festival of Relationship settlement like a book settlement at end of the financial year you have to settle every relationship and keep surplus or balanced in next year, moreover, Diwali is a time of gratitude, giving, greetings, and get togetherness


It's time to gratitude someone who has made works for you or your organization with greetings, by gifts, or meeting them in person and celebrates and feel them how you are feeling for them.

You had something you always give to needy ones, Diwali is the time to take relationships to new heights with friends, clients, family, and neighbors, you can make it more special by giving anything to someone needy. Please give a token of love and relationship so broken relationship joins and good relationship wonders

Greeting Time

we are living in the era of digital space where you can reach n number of people within a short time span, Yes definitely use social and digital media to greets this festival but personal face-to-face greeting will bring new flavor to your relationship. The year 2020 is full of pandemic and social distancing and in this time we have done video calls to meet our near and dear ones but now this is the time to greet them physically.

Togetherness Time

Diwali is a festival of togetherness, its social celebration where we all gather to celebrate a return day of "shree ram" to his home. Let's celebrate this with family, Society, Relatives, and friends especially old friends whom we do not meet for a long time.

Many people will go for a trip with family in this holidays ok that's a family get together but

Don't isolate yourself on TV and especially in watching series and spending time on Social media step outside and look there is a group in your society wait for you throughout the year and in your busy days you never attend them. Please spend time with them and restore your relationship

List your all relatives and go and greet and meet them with your family, you are busy with your work full year, not your family, and they also not gone anywhere at least take them to become Part of your Parents group and Your child's group and bring a smile to their face

Make this festival unique by doing networking with anyone you see and making relation with anyone you meet and context is clear just establish a good and healthy relationship

Let's pledge for you're, the next 5 days you will break all your obstacles and stooping you are from meeting people and making relationships. restore your all broken relationship in family, relations, and friends, You have to put the leg in their shoes with 100% and don't excuse that you already tried before may at that time your context is not clear.

You will get lifetime visibility in Your Family, Relations, and Friends group which is never possible in business networking where you have to perform better to get visibility

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