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Network is your Networth

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Every intelligent person who is doing business knows how to invest in money, but only the wise one also invests in relationships.

How much time do we spend thinking about, planning for, and executing actions regarding financial investments? Even we hire a financial consultant to grow our investment and we work to balance our assets and liabilities and dream about stock options and retirement, but how often do we invest in our most valuable assets - "people"?

In 2013 there was an article published in the Huffington Post, by Porter Gale, author of the book, Your Network Is Your Net Worth wrote, "I believe your social capital, or your ability to build a network of authentic personal and professional relationships, not your financial capital, is the most important asset in your portfolio." She also elaborates how the book explains that our net worth is not based solely on the size of our portfolio, but on our ability to work with other people who share our passions and values. This network of people will become an interpersonal safety net that guarantees greater output and personal fulfillment

There is a famous dialog from the recent movie KGF: Chapter-I that "Powerful people comes from a powerful place" for me this dialog rewrite as "Powerful position comes from powerful networks" and that network brings business opportunities

I always talk about VCP stand for Visibility, Credibility, and Profitability.

More and more Visibility build your identity and by using that identity you build a relationship and that relationship makes you more creditable or say trustworthy towards other people. In today's business world, leaders prefer to become intermingled in important transactions with people they trust. the network of that trustworthy people keep you in business for a long time and that brings profitability to your business. That's why serious serial entrepreneurs, influencers choose to seek out exclusive business networking opportunities.

Let's see the best example of how networking creates and facilitates job and business opportunities and that is the story of a company called Eloqua, marketing automation and intelligence platform, which was sold to Oracle for $871 million in 2012. The entire deal went through seamlessly because Eloqua co-owner Paul Teshima had built strong, shared relationships with the people at Oracle. How valuable was Teshima's network? Eloqua was purchased for more than 200 percent of its estimated public market value, which was a $400 million-plus increase in shareholder net worth.

The same happens in every community, club, group, society, association, and everywhere that Network is your Networth. You never know that your planted seed as a small networking introduction can become big tree and bring lots of fruit in the future. Just go through your current networking group where may you meet daily or weekly, monthly or quarterly with other members. Are you regular? if yes then my next question is why you go regularly? I know without getting fruit you never turned up regularly and show your presence, Right?

The Network is your real Net Worth, you can't even buy that worth by selling all your financial net worth.

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