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What Is Brand Building?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Brand building is an integral aspect of business development. It not only increases the voice and consumer awareness of a brand, but it also gives it an identity and worth.

If you have been thinking of building a brand, then it is important for you to know that brand building takes a great deal of time and resources.

What Is Brand Building? 

There is no one definition that actually captures the essence of brand building. Many people think that brand building is all about communication and exposing your brand. That is just one side of it. The best way we can define it is that it is a process of creating value to consumers.

"Brand is that consumers know, feel, and experience about your business in its entirety."

3 popular types of brands:

  • Service brand- this brand is built on knowledge, culture, and experience that one has with the service delivering agency/company/people. Think of IT Company.

  • Retail brand- this brand is built on a mixture of products and service experience. McDonald's

  • Product brand- is built on the experience that one has with a specific product. Think of Nike, Apple

There are 5 steps involved in brand building.

  1. Define Your Brand

  2. Differentiate and Position Your Brand

  3. Build and Expose your Brand

  4. Personalize your Brand

  5. Review Your Brand


As you can see, brand building is not a one off thing. You have to define your brand, differentiate, present it, and review what your brand stands for from time to time. It is very important to be clear about your branding strategies and how you’re going to implement them. You should also adopt brand strategies that will add value to your consumers and help them develop the right impression of your company and what it truly stands for.

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